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What is Support Filament?

When you use a 3D printer, oftentimes you will have to add removable supports to your print. Doing so will make sure any overhanging elements of your item will print as intended. Normally, and on most printers, these supports will be the same material as the rest of your print, and are designed to be removed easily.

How do I use Support Filament?

Most commercial printers only have a single extruder and so can only handle one material filament at a time. Some printers, however, have two. These printers can be used to create two-tone prints, or can add supports to your model in a different material. So you would properly format your file, load your main material and your support material and hit print.

Why Would I use Support Filament?

While standard same-material supports are designed to come off, they don't always remove perfectly. So your print may be damaged as the support rips away part of your piece, or leaves behind some support material. Support filament, however, is tailor-made to come away with ease, reducing the damage to your prints. Our HIPS filament, for example is a Limonene-soluble material. If used as a support, simply wash the whole with with Limonene and your supports will literally fall away, leaving a in-tact print!

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