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ReShaped Discount Filament
17 spools of 3D filament lined up like a rainbow

MakeShaper’s ReShaped Discount Filament

Our process here at MakeShaper sometimes creates a spool that doesn’t quite live up to our exacting standards. We don’t quiet feel right selling it under the MakeShaper name, but we aren’t ones to be wasteful either. So why not learn from that age-old adage, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and offer customers a chance to get cheap 3d printer filament?

Compare ReShaped filament with our standard product by reading up on our standards and the MakeShaper difference.

ReShaped filament material options

ReShaped PLA

Orange 3D Filament

ReShaped ABS

Pink 3D Filament

ReShaped ABS

Reactive Green 3D Filament

Why does filament become ReShaped?

Color issues

When we change colors on our filament extruders, we aren’t able to just cut cleanly from one color to the next. There is a transition period where both colors bleed and fade into each other.

Other times our color additives just don’t quite do the trick and our filament doesn’t turn out just right. It might be darker or lighter than our target color and would not meet your expectations.

In both cases, there isn’t anything wrong with the filament, it’s just not the color that we were going for, but it will print just fine!

ReShaped Discount Filament
Diameter and ovality diagram

Diameter issues

Since we test every millimeter of our filament with a 3-axis laser, we can easily detect when the filament is too thin, too thick or is forming into an oval shape rather than a perfect circle.

If this imperfection doesn’t meet our exacting standards, but would still likely print well, it ends up as ReShaped filament.

ReShaped Discount Rates

These discount rates compare our 1.75mm, 1KG spool to our 1-3LBS ReShaped Spool, which are roughly the same weight.

ReShaped Spools are provides as-is

Our stock of our ReShaped product varies from moment to moment, so when you order cheap PLA, ABS or PETG filament, you’ll get the next one up in our pile, with whatever fault it suffered. That means the trade-off for getting a good deal on filament is that you won’t have the option to pick exactly what you get.

Variable weight/amount of filament

Depending on the reason why your particular spool ended up in the ReShaped bin, the weight will vary. When you buy, you’ll be able to pick out the general size of your spool, but we can’t guarantee a specific weight or amount of filament. They will fall within the following ranges:

  • 1-3 lbs

  • 3.1-6 lbs

  • 6.1-15 lbs

No color selections

Since color is one of the variables of our ReShaped products, you won’t be able to make a color selection at checkout. So it’s perfect for any print that you’re going to end up painting anyway.

MakeShaper filament shipping box

No after-purchase support

Given that your ReShaped filament might be out of specification, we aren’t able to replace or refund your purchase. All sales are final.

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