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3D Printer Spool Comparison Guide

3D printer filament spools come in many different styles and sizes. Most 3D printers will accept spools that fall within a set of industry accepted standards. Our spools are designed to fit most 3D printers that accept a standard spool size.

Why You May Need a Larger 3D Printer Filament Spool

Larger filament spools allow for continuous 3D printing without having to change out the spool and interrupt prints. A bigger spool is ideal for a larger build that required more 3D printer filament. This may even be ideal for smaller prints if you are tired of having to change out spools so often.

MakeShaper Spools for 3D Printers

MakeShaper offers 1 kilogram and 2.25 kilogram spools, but those aren't the only ones available. Browse our products online or reach out to us today if you are unsure which filament spool would be right for your 3D printer application.

How Much Filament is on a Roll?

Buying filament spools by weight is all well and good, but how do you know how much filament you are actually getting on each spool? MakeShaper decided to help you out with this useful guide. Keep in mind that these numbers may not be perfect, but they put you in the ballpark at least.

Filament Length by Spool Weight 

MakeShaper's Spool Dimensions

While many of the spools available for purchase are largely the same size and dimensions, there will be some variation between brands. Below is a detailed breakdown of MakeShaper spools so you know before you buy if our spools will fit your printer, even if you have a custom set-up.

MakeShaper 1 kilogram Spool

1kg filament spool dimension diagram

MakeShaper 2.25 kilogram Spool

2.25kg filament spool dimensions diagram

MakeShaper 5 kilogram Spool

5kg filament spool dimensions diagram
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