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“Make a Scene”

Monthly 3D Printing + Design Contest

Setting the Scene

Near the end of September, we will announce a new theme that will act as the inspiration for the coming month of prints.


Participants then have the duration of that month to find or create a print file that best fits that theme and create a “scene” around it.


For example, if the print were of a running dog, you might create a scene in which it is running through the park chasing a frisbee, or chasing the mailman down the street, etc.


Once you have your print file & a scene in mind, select the filament(s) that best fit your print and get to work! (We will be announcing each new theme prior to the start of the month so that new orders can be placed and delivered beforehand).


Finally, take a few photos of your work and submit them, along with a description of your scene, to .


Participants will have until Monday, October 25th to submit their scenes. The winning scene, as well as the winner of the contest, will be revealed that Friday via social media.

Submit a Scene

Once the scene has been announced, it’s up to you:


1.) Choose your MakeShaper Filament


2.) Find a design/print file that fits the month’s theme (Please include a link to the original file so that we can properly credit the designer)


3.) Take photo(s) of your final print


4.) In 300 words or less, describe the scene or story in which you imagine your print to be, including location, time of day, and any other details you feel are relevant. Drawings or sketches can be included for reference, but they are not required for submission.


5.) Submit your name, scene description, and photos to

Selecting the Scene

At the end of the month, all submissions will be voted upon by the MakeShaper team & a winner will be selected.


For Participating

All participants who submitted a scene will receive a custom coupon code for 30% OFF their next order.

Winning Scene

The winner for each theme will receive the following:


  • 3 FREE 1KG ROLLS of MakeShaper filament of their choice (PLA, PETG, or ABS) or 2 FREE 1KG ROLLS of Keene Village Plastics filament of their choice (PLA, PETG, or ABS)


  • A digital graphic of their scene, personally created by our in-house Marketing/Graphics Director


  • Have their winning submission featured on this page, as well as on our social media pages and in our digital newsletter

NAME:  Beau Kuhn

THEME: 90’s Video Games

PRINT:  “Gengar Pokemon (one part remix)” by Dantu

SOURCE:  Thingiverse


SCENE: “I grew up playing Pokémon, and I just finished watching the Game Grumps play through Fire Red,  so I thought I’d make a purple Gengar.

Then I started thinking, ‘What would it be like for a trainer to actually run into a ghost-type pokémon in the wild?’  I pictured this eerie, horror-movie scene of a trainer lost in the woods in the dead of night. Suddenly, a shape appears in front of him. The dense layer of fog is making it nearly impossible to make out what it is. Then a purple glow begins to emit from either side of the shape, illuminating two crooked eyes and a menacing grin.”

October 2020 | “Horror”


Justin Ware

Thingiverse: @injustware



“Wolf Mask”

By Imaginables



Sidewinder X1

+ E3D Hemera Extruder



PLA Brown



MakeShaper is proud to present “Make a Scene,”—an annual Halloween-themed 3d printing & design contest designed to showcase & reward the immense creativity that is seen throughout the maker community on a regular basis.


Interested in submitting your own scene? Fill out the form below! In order to be eligible for consideration, you must complete all required sections of the form & attach a photo(s) of your print.