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American 3D Print Filament from MakeShaper

MakeShaper proudly manufactures high-quality 3D printer filament. As printers continue to improve, so do our filaments to give you the highest quality prints! Check out our useful guides: 3D printer filament comparison, filament spool comparison and more...

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Bring your imagination to life with MakeShaper filament

MakeShaper by Keene Village Plastics

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process where three-dimensional objects are created from a digital file. This no-waste process allows companies to streamline their development and prototyping processes while reducing costs and improving lead times.

3D printer filament is thermoplastic feedstock for fused deposition modeling in 3D printers. Simply put, it's the material that is turned into the final product. The filament materials come in all kinds of configurations for specific benefits and applications. Our inventory of American-made 3D printer filament includes:


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