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Top 8 Cool Gifts You Can Make with 3D Printer Filament

Top 8 Cool Gifts You Can Make with 3D Printer Filament

3D printers are a fun-filled way of creating cute and cool gifts for your loved ones and showing your creativity. And these 3D gifts prepared from the best 3D printer filament have taken off and are blowing up everyone’s mind. Now the creators are making use of this advanced technology of printing to create all sorts of beautiful and wild 3D printer projects, which were previously everything but impossible to be built at home. These 3D printed projects could be a great addition to your online designing portfolio too.

3D printing is gaining rapid popularity, and if you adopt this form of chic creativity, you could easily win some new clients within no time. Do 3D printed articles interest you too? Then read on this blog to know more about the coolest printing trends that we have listed here.

 1-The Earphone Case:

If there is one thing that we can all agree on is –that the earphones are really difficult to manage, and the cords give us all a hard time to remain organized. They tangle quite often and result in producing the most dreaded earphone crackle due to the disruption in the wires. This renders the treasured music playlist as useless. However, with the use of the best 3D printer filament, you can now improve your everyday life and create a super-cute and viable earphone case.

2-Pen Holders:

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try, your work desk sometimes turns into a mess, and all the stationery that you use for your projects are lying here and there? Well, then we have got the perfect solution for you! You can now create a pen holder with an exciting design pattern, which will not only enhance the aesthetics of your work table but also will keep it managed. The pen holder can hold pens of different shapes and sizes; you can also use the stand to store your paintbrushes, pencils, and other stationeries.

3-A fruit bowl:

Are you in the mood for the creation of some exquisite dinnerware? You can do that now with the help of the best 3D printer filament. Take some time out to create your favorite 3D printed fruit bowl, comprising of your desired pattern and shape. For example, you can now customize bowls or plates of different themes, such as –blueberry themed containers. So what is stopping you now? You can avail of several other designs and patterns of dinnerware either to gift your friends or simply to enhance the look of the food served.


Are you still using the traditional planters to hold your plants and decorate your home? It is time that you added a little change to spruce up the looks of interior design. The beautiful 3D design patterns for planters will make you forget the conventional clay pots for your favorite plants. So what are you waiting for? Use your 3D printer to create some amazingly designed planters for a modular design and make your mini-garden even more attractive. These modern-day pots can turn into a form of unique gifts. You can use these pots to gift them to your friends, colleagues, or family member with a small house-plant and promote the green revolution as well.

5-Measuring Cubes:

It is time that you got rid of those boring and monotonous measuring spoons from your kitchen. Now you must wonder what we are going to ask you to replace them with! We have some really fresh ideas that will help you create measuring cubes that could be an easy, aesthetic, yet stylish replacement for the measuring spoons, which can be easily created with your 3D printers. All you need to do is give your desired measurements to the best 3D printer filament that you own, and you can have your personalized cubes, which you can use for measuring the ingredients. Also, if you have a friend or a member of the family who is fond of cooking, you can gift them these super-awesome measuring cubes.

6-Cable holders:

Are you too worried about the tyrannous cable cords that take up most of the space on your desk or disrupt the fun by messing up the wires of the entertainment unit? Well, then we have got the perfect solution for you. Now create 3D printed cable management holders that are space-saving and prevent the wires from being tangled as well. They can help you cut back on the desk clutter and minimize all that cable-related aggravations. These are one of the blessed 3D printed objects that can make the life of a tech-junkie a little less annoying. You can gift these cable holders to someone fond of technology yet is worried by the tangled cords making their lives messier. Your cute small gift can be the savior.


Yes! You read it right! Our next suggestion is to create combs with your best 3D printer filament. This is one of the most straightforward projects that you can do with your 3D printer, yet it is one of the most useful objects in our daily lives. Almost all of us need combs or brushes in our daily lives to keep our untamed locks from becoming a messy, tangled nest of hair. Also, the creation of combs is quite simple, so why not give it a try?

8-A Book holder:

Do you have a nerd friend in your group who is absolutely fond of books? It is time that you gifted them something other than their favorite list of books, isn’t it? This, we think, is one of the coolest and the best 3D creations in our suggestion list for the bookworms. The book holders can be one easy solution from keeping the pages from being propped open. It is time that you created one for your book lover friend to make their life even more amazing!

Bottom Line:

Our list here comprises of the top 8 cool projects that you can create with your best 3D printer filament. There are so many other things that you can consider creating with your 3D printers. All you need to do is think and have an imagination and boom! You are finding yourself creating some of the most fantastic gift items either for the purpose of selling or gifting. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your cool 3D projects today!

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