Yellow PLA/PHA 2.85 mm 1kg Filament

Yellow PLA/PHA 2.85 mm 1kg Filament


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MakeShaper’s PLA/PHA filament allows you to make anything. Our blend of PLA (polylactic acid) with PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) gives you the characteristics and ease-of-use of PLA but with more durability and a less brittle formula for 3D printing.

Optimal Print Temp: 190°-230° C

Optimal Bed Temp: 60°-90° C

Print Speed: 25-100mm/sec

Spool Sizes 1 Kilogram 650 Grams 220 Grams
Hub Diameter 52.71 mm 52.71 mm 53.9 mm
Spool Diameter 203.20 mm 212 mm 152.4 mm
Spool Thickness 73.15 mm 40 mm 35.44 mm


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