Neon Orange PETG 1.75 mm 1kg Filament

Neon Orange PETG 1.75 mm 1kg Filament


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The durability of ABS with the characteristics of PLA, MakeShaper’s PETG filament allows you to make anything.

Optimal Print Temp: 230°-260° C
Optimal Bed Temp: 70°-100° C
Print Speed: 25-100mm/sec
Glue is NOT recommended for adhering this filament to the print bed

Spool Sizes 1 Kilogram 650 Grams 220 Grams
Hub Diameter 52.71 mm 52.71 mm 53.9 mm
Spool Diameter 203.20 mm 212 mm 152.4 mm
Spool Thickness 73.15 mm 40 mm 35.44 mm

1 review for Neon Orange PETG 1.75 mm 1kg Filament

  1. 5 out of 5

    This filament is the stuff of dreams! Just the size expected 1.75 +- .02. The color is a very transparent orange after being extruded, it allows for some cool showing of interior supports. If something is printed ~15-20% infill or greater forget about breaking this stuff it is extremely tough.

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